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About Us

While there are many BHS Chapters in this part of the District with fine traditions of barbershopping, fraternity, and community service, there is a group of men who long for something more. The Northwest Ohio Chapter was formed to provide this, by offering a new and exciting opportunity to perform.

The Voices of Harmony (the chorus of the Northwest Ohio Chapter) seeks to offer awe-inspiring performances to its audiences by singing men's a cappella music, primarily in the barbershop style. These performances will be of the finest quality, with an uncompromising commitment to sterling musicianship, uninhibited enthusiasm, exquisite stage presentation, and dedication to giving the absolute best of our hearts and voices to the audiences who come to hear us sing and enjoy the gift of vocal music.

The chorus will need year-round commitments from members, including participation in competitions and community performances. Outside coaching from top vocal and presentation coaches in the Society will be a key component of the group's maturity, and members will be expected to come to rehearsals fully prepared and eager to perform well. Admission to the chorus is by audition. The chorus desires that each member can enjoy the fruits of hard work, dedication to top-level singing, and the confidence that no audience will be the same after hearing the fantastic music we bring and witnessing the mastery of our performance.

The continuous education and development of musicianship is only one facet of our success. Each member is a man of good moral character, fully abiding by the Barbershop Harmony Society's Code of Ethics. Each man will also bring a set of talents that can be used for chapter necessities. When "nuts and bolts" work needs to be done to ensure a successful performance, each member will happily chip in where needed, sharing the load for the good of the chapter. Our unselfish attitudes will be an example to everyone in the community, and our chorus will be admired for its effectiveness as an organization, not just as an outstanding vocal group.

Our Vision

The NorthWest Ohio Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society is committed to building an elite men's a cappella chorus in the region of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

Mission Statement

We enrich lives through singing.

We strive for musical excellence.

We perpetuate and celebrate the barbershop harmony style.

We serve each new generation of singers through the support of vocal music education.

We serve audiences through an uplifting, wholesome variety of a cappella musical entertainment.

We serve our members by sharing fellowship, performance skills, and leadership development.

We help build better communities and a better world, bonding diverse people through the pure fun of a cappella harmony as we "Keep the Whole World Singing!"

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